A Collective Voice in an Unpredictable Industry

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative champions the work of trawl catcher vessels in the Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, and Gulf of Alaska. We give voice to the owners, captains, crew members and communities that rely upon a successful commercial fishing industry by representing them at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

Our members haul in millions of pounds of seafood each year, all within managed regulations for sustainable fisheries. The fruits of their labors land on dinner tables around the world. In 2020, MTC vessels delivered more than 175 million pounds of Pacific whiting to shoreside processors in Oregon and Washington, and over 50 million pounds to at-sea processors. In recent years, members have harvested more than 20 million pounds of Pacific cod and, in the last two years alone, harvested 200 million pounds of Alaskan pollock.

The bridge of a trawler.

Advocating for our Industry

Operating in a complex regulatory landscape brings special challenges to commercial fishermen. We are here to keep our members informed while sharing their perspective with agencies, lawmakers, and the public.
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Moving fish on a trawler.

Telling our Story

As a well-known trade association, we are only as strong as our members. Learn more about the people and vessels behind Midwater Trawlers Cooperative.
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Fish Processing Plant Delivery

Staying Up-To-Date

Whether it is public testimony on legislative action, a meeting of a fisheries council, or a blessing of the fleet before embarking upon a new season, there is always something happening in the world of commercial fishing. Learn More »