About Us

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative is a non-profit trade association established in 1982. We represent 33 trawl catcher vessels that fish for pacific whiting and groundfish on the Pacific coast and for pollock, cod and groundfish in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. MTC vessels are homeported in Brookings and Newport, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Kodiak, Alaska.

Headquartered in Newport, Oregon, MTC represents the interests of its members at the local, state, regional and national level in regard to fisheries management activities.

Board of Directors

MTC bylaws provide for a Board of Directors with at least five, but not more than nine members. The 2023 MTC Board of Directors has seven members. They are:

  • Robert Smith, MTC President (F/V Raven)
  • Mark Cooper, MTC Vice President (F/V Predator, F/V Pacific, F/V Leslie Lee)
  • Kurt Cochran, MTC Vice President (F/V Marathon, F/V Bay Islander, F/V New Life)
  • Dave Smith (F/V Lisa Melinda)
  • Don Ashley (F/V Gold Rush)
  • Fred Yeck (F/V Seadawn)
  • Jim Seavers (F/V Seeker, F/V Miss Sue)


Heather Munro Mann has served as the executive director of MTC since 2013. On behalf of the organization, Heather sits on a number of boards and committees, including the North Pacific Fishery Management Council Advisory Panel and the Seafood Harvesters of America Board of Directors. She chairs the Port of Newport’s Commercial Fishing Users Group (CFUG) committee and has extensive experience in the commercial fishing and seafood processing industry. Prior to joining MTC, she was the deputy director of the West Coast Seafood Processors Association and the director of the Seafood Consumer Center/Community Seafood Initiative. A native of Massachusetts, Heather currently resides in Newport.

Contact Us

The best way to inquire with Midwater Trawlers Cooperative is via email or phone.

Email: heathermunromann@gmail.com
Phone: 541-272-4544