Alaska’s Commercial Fishing Facts Report Released

January 12, 2021

Alaska Comercial Fishing Facts Report CoverAn annual report compiled by the United Fishermen of Alaska provides insights into commercial fishing and seafood processing in 2018, including some interesting details on the work of Oregon fishermen.

Here’s our Oregon snapshot:

  • Oregon residents who fished a commercial fishing permit: 363
  • Oregon resident commercial crewmember license holders: 997
  • Oregon resident permit holders who fished plus crew: 1,360
  • Alaska commercial fishing vessels registered to Oregon owners: 282
  • Alaska fisheries earnings by Oregon-based permit holders: $117.4 million
  • Estimated harvest by Oregon-based permit holders: 445 million pounds

For more detailed information on each item, click on the link and find the footnotes on page 37.

Our thanks to the United Fishermen of Alaska for compiling this informative report.